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Better understand the world of online casino bonuses

If you're reading these words, it's because the world of online casinos and their bonuses is new to you.  Rest assured that you've come to the right place to find out more. 

I'm going to try and familiarise you with this field and put technical jargon to one side so as to demystify this world which is so fascinating and yet so hard to understand. Ready to take a stroll in my company?  Let's go.

Why do casinos offer bonuses? 

It's worthwhile understanding the motivations of online casinos even though they're fairly obvious: they offer bonuses, in the first instance, to attract new players. Once the player is 'recruited', online casinos offer him a bonus to keep him or her loyal. 

Does that makes sense to you? Great; let's move on. 

What are the different types of bonus? 

All players don't have the same 'profile': some prefer table games, others lay large bets, others prefer to play more freely.

To respond to these various expectations, online casinos have developed different sorts of bonuses to appeal to different kinds of players. That's when things really get going - and so you'll find that there are these major types of bonus: 

  • A bonus without deposit: this is a type of bonus which, as its name suggests, doesn't require the player to make a down payment. The casino will 'give' you money, usually between 5 - 50 euros.  

  • A bonus with deposit: this type of bonus is linked to a deposit (or down payment) on the part of the player. Thus the casino will give you a sum of money according to how much you've already put down: that's why these bonuses are described in terms of a percentage. Simply, the casino offers you a percentage of your deposit.   

  • A cashback bonus: this is a bonus which reimburses you for some of your losses (f you lose) and is expressed in terms of a percentage.

  • Bonus Free Spins: the 'free spins' are free goes on the slot machines. A bonus of 20 Free Spins lets you, for example, play 20 free lines on a slot machine for nothing. You could pocket some good winnings! 

Terms and conditions of bonuses

Unfortunately for you, and luckily for the casinos, bonuses are subject to 'terms and conditions'.  Online casinos don't confine themselves to giving you money (that would be called charity, and that isn't how casinos do business).

In these terms and conditions, there's a crucial term to understand: the 'playthrough'. I'll try to give you the most clear and concise definition that I can.

A playthrough - expressed in the form of a number - is the number of times you have to play the amount of your bonus and your down payment (deposit) before being able to access your winnings.

Example: If on we're talking about a bonus with a playthrough of 50, that means you'd have to bet 50 times the value of your deposit and your bonus before being able to take out your winnings. In the case where you'd gained a bonus of 100 euros by putting down 100 euros, you'd have to bet 50 x (100 = 100), i.e. 10,000 euros. The figure may seem high but in general you'd get there quicker than you would imagine.

You can ascertain your own position in relation to the amount of stake required to 'release' the bonus by contacting customer support

Is that any clearer? The playthrough is just a means by which the casino makes sure you don't 'leave' straight away with your bonus!  It's one of those criteria which decides whether a bonus is worthwhile or not.  So, on when we compare bonuses and ascribe a grade to them, the playthrough is always taken into account. You can have faith in our rankings: we do know what we're talking about!

In the terms and conditions, there are other aspects that we look at when reviewing bonuses, for example:
Is the bonus 'removeable' ( it accessible)?
What's the minimum deposit?

For your information, there are bonuses with deposit which don't incorporate a playthrough. These bonuses have the advantage of giving you more freedom, but the inconvenience of being limited in amounts compared to the other types of bonuses. Those casinos that offer non-playthrough bonuses include Casino Tropezia and 7Red.

Every type of bonus doesn't work for every type of casino game: that's a very important rule to remember. Because all bonuses aren't compatible with all casino games, that's another reason to have faith in our bonus rankings for current games on

Working from the principle that all casinos don't have the same 'margin' for their games, this means they can't offer the same playthrough for all their games. So according to which particular game you're playing, the value of the playthrough will vary. Generally speaking, the casino's advantage is weaker for table games (such as blackjack, roulette, craps etc), so the playthrough for these games will be higher than it would be for slot machines.

To find the type of bonus which is best suited to your favourite casino game, and to ensure that you don't make a mistake in your choice, go to the 'Games' section of our menu.

You don't know which casino to choose?

Well, if you need personalised help, we're here! Contact us and, in response to your requirements, we'll suggest the casino which we feel best meets your needs as a player.